Chronicles of the Thalassery Tea Snacker – Part 5 – Thari Unda

Chronicles of the Thalassery Tea Snacker – Part 5 – Thari Unda

July 24, 2015Recommend1319Views
thari unda

It has been a while since I scribbled a few word or should I say a few tasty nibbles. Ramadan and Eid has been quiet a handful and to an extent mouthful as well. Being a Thalasserian in Ramadan and Eid is quiet a feast.

But then, not all is a feast and not all Thalasserians make food that is tantalisingly tasty and complex.

We also have a few titbits that are quiet modest and simple. My chronicle today is on one such titbit.

Thari Unda: Thari means Semolina (Rava) and Unda means ball. Hence Semonlina Balls. Though I would not mind adding a prefix of Fried to it.

Since it is simple, I thought i might as well explain to you all how these fried balls are made.

Step 1: You need is some semolina, say 2 cups of this wonderful cereal. Some people tend to dry roast this cereal to give it an extra nutty taste. I leave the roast to your choice for my mother says roasting is to cover any flaw you make while mixing the Semolina with other ingredients.

Step 2: Next up, take one egg (a medium size should do the trick). Beat it well with the semolina and ensure that the mix has a porridge consistency.

Step 3: Now add some good dollops of sugar. I would say 2 tablespoons as a minimum. Honey is also a good option for those “diabetic” minded people, don’t tell my mother that I suggested honey. It seems that using an alternative for Sugar in Thalasserian cuisine is a cardinal sin!

Step 4: This is a step which I must say is vital. It is called a Pinch of Cardamom. I suggest you crush a whole cardamom rather than using the powdered version. 2-3 cardamom pods or a teaspoon of the powder.

Step 5: Deep fry in oil until golden brown. Serve it hot. Don’t use any condiments like cream or dipping syrup. It is a sin!

There you have it! Thalassery’s very own Thari Unda.

PS: In case you have a disliking for cardamom. I suggest you skip making this snack and rather find a good Thalassery household and explain to them that you skipped the cardamom. They will either
treat you as a Thalasserian snack outcast or convince you with a helping of their own Thari Unda.

Moideen Museem

Moideen Museem

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