Food Movies From Around The World

Food Movies From Around The World

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After devouring my personal food movies, I hope you are ready for some of the Food movies from around the world. Let’s start from Japan, The Land of the Rising Sun, which has given us lots of memorable movies like the Ring Trilogy, Godzilla, The Grudge and many others. But seeing these movies, you have to see what they have to offer in the food category, let’s talk about the 1985 movie Tampopo. It’s about how a below average Ramen (noodle) shop run by a widow, with sub-par ramen making skills, is converted into a successful establishment, helped by many knight in a not-so shining armour one of that of a truck driver and couple of others who help the widow. The film has a couple of sub-plots pooled in to bring you food to the table. Watch the video clip below:

Moving onto China, Hong Kong, to be precise, comes the nonsensical comedy, from the King of Cantonese Nonsensical comedies, Stephen Chow. The God of Cookery is yet another nonsensical tale of a celebrity chef, who is dubbed the ‘God of Cookery’ and runs a successful empire but there’s a catch, he know very little of cooking and he is corrupt. The story shows how this celebrity chef is dragged through mud and how he learns cooking to rise to his former glory. Watch it to see how crazy Chow can be:

The Norwegian movie, Kitchen Stories, is about Swedish efficiency researchers coming to Norway, for a study of how Norwegians optimize the use of the kitchen. Here a Swede, Folke is made to sit on an umpire’s chair in the Norwegian, Isak’s kitchen and observe him in his daily kitchen duties. You can watch the trailer to see a taste of this movie.

Have you wondered how much the food you prepare at home would cost when compared to the one at a Fine Dining restaurant? If we prepare such a dinner at home would the people at home appreciate it. You can see a similar situation arise in Babette’s Feast , a Danish film that talks of how a former chef at a famous restaurant in Paris, makes a dinner for 12 with the money she won at a lottery. See for yourself.

How can you talk or watch anything related to food without the French involved, so we have the French movie, Haute Cuisine for you. The story of a simple French cook being made to cook for the French President and the twists and pulls involved in working for the elected Head of the country.

Hope you liked our selection of the International movies. Enjoy your food and your movies the International way.


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