Khadi for Nation, Khadi for Fashion

Khadi for Nation, Khadi for Fashion

khadi for nation

I totally support the government’s #IWearHandlloom campaign to support handloom.  I think it is the duty of all the Indians to revive the dying art. This day on Aug 7, will be second year, when we will be celebrating Handloom day.  It is a great initiative by the government. My Khadi collection is dedicated to all the weavers all over the country.

Indian handloom industry is the largest in the world and also the second-largest employment provider for the rural population in India. There are 470 Handloom clusters spread in all over the country.  There is a need to highlight the eco-friendly aspects of handloom products and to strengthen linkages with rural sector.

Khadi has changed a lot over the period


I am currently working on my new collection and my mother generally asked what fabric I am working on, and when I told her, it is khadi she was surprised. She said, throughout her childhood, she hated khadi. On further coaxing, she said her father was the head of Khadi Gram Yudyog and throughout her childhood she was forced to wear it and it would hardly come in one or two colours.  This was 1960s she was referring to.

Things have changes and today we get the finest of khadi, and in different colours.

It is a versatile fabric, is soft on our skin and there are so many facet of it which is yet to be explored. When you think of it, you imagine the regular khadi kurtas. I wanted to do beyond kurtas. It is one material which can be worn in summers and winters too. It keeps your body cool during summers and warm during winters.


With this collection, I am working a lot with stripes. Stripes are my personal favourite, just strategically placing it one can make so many different designs. In my collection, you will see a lot of trousers, skirts and tops, kurtas and my quintessential dresses. My khadi collection is all about clean sharp silhouettes with a relaxed fit and a sense of Indian Spirit.

As a country rich in textiles and weaving skill, such initiatives reinforce the value of our heritage and how we need to reinvent ourselves to keep it alive. Handloom is an integral part of our rich culture. Let us all actively promote to empower the weavers. My next khadi collection would be available on MarketStreat very soon.

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