Gift of Hope

Gift of Hope

Gift Of Hope

This year, don’t spend hours looking through gift guides or scouring the aisles of stores. Instead, give your loved ones something special – gift a plant. This is one of the noblest of all gift ideas because it promotes only oxygen and life. Flowers and potted plants are the perfect way to show someone you are thinking of them. Giving a live plant communicates so much–you care about their health, their happiness, and the planet you both share.

Not convinced? Here are four reasons why plants make fantastic gifts.

1. Makes your home cozier

No matter how well you decorate your home. Adding a touch of greenery to a room has makes the room feel cozier and more complete. Whether its home decor or garden decor plants bring life to any place. Whether placed on windowsills, side tables, bookshelves or countertops, plants help to tie together the décor in any room.

2. They’re good for your health

Aside from the obvious benefits of improved air quality plants can provide, they also have a calming and stress-relieving effect. By gifting a plant you are giving them a beautiful reminder for better health in the future.

3. Growing something builds confidence and self-esteem

Taking care of plants and nurturing something as it grows is a fulfilling experience that even your friends who claim to have a “black thumb” deserve to experience. Luckily, there are plenty of low-maintenance and hearty plants you can choose when picking out as your gifts.

4. Living Flowers Are Eco-Friendly

Live plants are more environmentally friendly than a bouquet of flowers. Did you know two-thirds of cut flowers are grown in South America and Africa, and flown by jet to flower shops around the rest of the world. You need to refrigerate the cut blooms which are then  delivered by vans as bouquets. You can save the tremendous energy and fuel that goes into a bouquet by choosing a more eco-friendly living plant instead.

Living plants naturally remove carbon dioxide and produce oxygen during the day. When you water a living plant, the water is being used to support plant growth. A vase of water for a bouquet is only slightly extending the time until the blooms wilt and fall.

This season #GiftGreen

Plant for Gifting

No matter what the occasion – birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or just to show someone you care – nothing brings a smile as quickly, and as surely, as a gift of a plant. The Green Ribbon’s mission is to grow ‘green gifts’ which everyone cherishes and loves and it can be delivered anywhere anytime. Unlike a bouquet which will wilt and fade, these gifts will grow and thrive, acting as a special reminder of your important occasion for years to come.

An Accessory Designer from NIFT, Himani Jena combines a distinctive design sensibility, passion for green living driving TGR’s mission of turning plants into a ‘Go-To Gifting Option’ for all occasions.

Himani says, “Unlike most gifts, a gift of plant is something you don’t keep it in a cupboard and leave it. It is something you need to water it, love it and nurture it. And in doing so you are always reminded of a person who has gifted you this beautiful gift. That is a beauty of a precious plant. Inspired by this very feeling I started The Green Ribbon, making gifting of a plant an easy and a preferred choice.” Himani works closely with experienced planters and ceramic stylists. She blends her own design dexterities and out-of-the-box visualizations into the mix and creates something unique. Have a look at the wide range of The Green Ribbon’s products here.

Even a novice gardener can enjoy from a potted flower, if you select the right bloom.What are you waiting for this valentine’s day……..Give the gift of love and hope and spread happiness….

For more unique gift ideas log on to marketstreat and check our wide range of handcrafted products. Please give your feedback in our comments section below.



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