SocietyMaker – The Art & Craft of Transforming livelihoods…

SocietyMaker – The Art & Craft of Transforming livelihoods…


“All human beings are born entrepreneurs. Some get a chance to unleash that capacity. Some never got the chance, never knew that he or she had that capacity” — Mohammad Yunus

Fifty percent of the world population is women, which means there is a huge scope of them playing an active role in economic growth and social prosperity.  However, as a primary caretaker of the home, this often becomes a missed opportunity. But, the aspirations and dedication of this creative force of the society do not rest. A little hand holding and a flexible working model can make these homemakers an even greater contributor to the society. It can transform a homemaker to a Society Maker. Today we are very happy to associate ourselves with SocietyMaker, a Social Enterprise which empowers the underprivileged women  by providing skills training and enable them to earn an income to support themselves and their families.

It all started when Agrasar, the parent organization of Society Maker, had brought together 5 of such women and trained them in painting Diwali Lamps in 2015. All these women had never been engaged in any type of economic activity before. The two month pilot achieved a fair amount of success with all of them completing the training and then painting around 5 thousand handmade gifts that were then sold in the market. Agrasar team helped them in training, packaging of these products and Market linkages. They again did a similar activity for Holi 2016 to give their idea a final testing before putting it into action.

vocational training centres for women

Around two lakh women from disadvantaged backgrounds in Gurgaon are not engaged in any income generation activity. Their movement outside their homes is very constrained in terms timings and domestic priorities. Most of them are migrants from the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Rajasthan with very little home support system.

They found high spirited women who were ready to devote 3-4 hours of their day into something which would be fulfilling not only in monetary terms but also as a creative satisfaction and productive use of time. Interaction with them reflected that they are brimming with zeal and enthusiasm and are open to engage in home based work as well as flexible work opportunities.

This lead them to create SocietyMaker, a platform where women can learn, create, earn and contribute to their families as well as to the society. At SocietyMaker, women of urban villages of Gurgaon, are trained in basic skills such as Crochet, Stitching and Screen printing. They also undergo capacity building in areas such as interpersonal skills, financial literacy, environmental and health consciousness to grow holistically.

Societymakers handcrafted products

At the end of the training, SocietyMaker supports them in starting a venture of their own. They are given the necessary support and a seed fund for meeting the initial operational expenses. They also help them in gain initial confidence by selling their handmade products through exhibitions, stalls, websites, corporate orders and other sales channels. Making them a shareholder in the profit not only helps them earn a living but also in setting up a micro enterprise. And thus these homemakers are transformed into entrepreneurs.

SocietyMaker provides an ecosystem to these women to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit. They believe women who are engaged in income generation are self-dependent and contribute towards the upliftment of their families. They are trained to invest in the areas of health and education of their children, families and self. Financial independence gives them an assertive decision making voice in their own families and communities.

The Social enterprise also supports the “Go Green” movement brewing world over. They promote the use of jute fibre for making the products. As Jute is a biodegradable, recyclable, reusable and can be grown without using pesticide or fertilizer, it only makes sense to switch to it for storage and baggage needs. They are developing an exciting range of jute products such as bottle covers, diary covers, handbags, tote bags, dream catchers, trays, coasters and table mats.

handmade products

MarketStreat is proud to partner with these change Makers and support in their endeavour in making women become self-sustainable. You can access the SociteyMaker shop front in MarketStreat and take a look at some of the products on display. And when you purchase any of these products you know you have done your bit to the cause.

Barsha Sharma

Barsha Sharma

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